Items of Interest

Good Afternoon,

I hope everyone is doing well. It has been a wet few weeks here in Florida, we are certainly missing the Florida sun! I wanted to put out an email with a few items of interest.  

The retaining wall at the pool, both ramps and the bocce ball courts have all been replaced and completed by Summerlin Marine. We are in the process of pricing aluminum railings for the ramps. New benches have been ordered for the bocce courts. JA Taylor has completed the roofs on comfort stations 3 and 4.

We are waiting on the permit for comfort station 2, once the permit is issued they will begin. Cast Electric has started our summer projects on pedestal replacements and Meeks has started work on some of our valves and saddles. Things are moving along here at OR.

We will have a new Administrative Assistant (Laurie) starting here with us on Tuesday May 29, please feel free to call or stop by and welcome her.

We have sent out June's quarterlies which are due on 7/1/2018, in that mailing there was a Annual Shareholder Update Form. If you wish to be in the 2018/2019 directory, you must complete and return the form. The approved changes to the Rules & Regulations were also mailed out in a separate mailing last week.

Hurricane season is quickly approaching us, and we have less then a week before we are officially in season. I ask that you please ensure your homes are secured and all required items are tied down. With that being said, thank you to everyone that has complied with By-Law 11.3.i Tie Downs. For those of you who haven't, I have begun the task of documenting and mailing formal notice of violation/non-compliance letters. Driving through the park the last few days I have noticed there a quite a few units that are not yet in compliance and it appears the owners are gone for the summer. Notices of non-compliance will start going out on June 1, 2018. This is a time consuming process and each lot has to be individually documented, I can't simply send a generic letter stating that you have violated the By-Laws, Florida Statute, or Rules & Regulations. Please review By-Law 11.3.i Tie Downs and Article VIII on Tie-Downs in the Rules & Regulations. If you are leaving for 3 or more days feel free to call the office and I or someone from the staff will be happy to come to your lot and make sure that you are in compliance before your departure, which will save everyone grief down the road.

We had a lot of short term renters last summer and for the most part things went well. The majority checked in with the office upon arrival and checked out upon departure.  We did have a few renters who brought golf carts that they didn't have inspected, a few who had more people than allowed under our By-Laws, a few who had more vehicles than parking spaces on the lot, etc.  I encourage shareholders to ensure your tenants are fully aware of the Rules & Regulations and the By-Laws, it is the shareholder who will be held accountable for violations and/or non-compliance issues arising from tenant behavior or non-adherence.

Maintenance will begin cleaning out under the boardwalk next week. They will not be sorting items, anything that is left unclaimed after May 30, 2018 will be disposed of.

Thanks,   Donna Perez, Ocean Resorts Manager.    772-464-4803



Dear Shareholders,

 I am extremely pleased to announce, on behalf of the Board, that Donna Perez has been chosen as the new Community Association Manager at Ocean Resorts effective May 1, 2018. Donna, as most of you know, has extensive management experience and is a valuable asset to Ocean Resorts. Please take the opportunity to congratulate and wish her the best in her new capacity. The Board has the utmost confidence in her capabilities.

Vicki L. Neuman, President

Garbage Truck

I hope everyone is doing well. Our garbage truck will be going in the shop on Wednesday, May 2, 2018 after regular scheduled trash pickup, for hydraulic repairs. They will need the truck for two days, therefore there will be NO TRASH PICKUP ON FRIDAY May 4, 2018.

While out in the park yesterday there were a few things I observed and wanted to send out a few reminders on such issues. 

There were numerous bags of trash that were opened and picked through by the crows, leaving trash and debris in yards and on the roads. This adds an additional burden to our volunteers and employees who perform trash collection duties. It can also potentially pose a health hazard dependent on what type of trash is scattered about. Residents are encouraged to put your trash in a black trash bag or place your white, clear, or grocery store bags in a covered can, bucket, Rubbermaid tote, or other receptacle that is capable of being covered.  I have heard that the black garbage bags work well, as the critters can’t see through them. 

Residents are responsible for the disposal of all items such as tires, appliances, furniture items, construction residue, etc.  Failure to properly dispose of these items will be subject to a $50.00 fee to the owner. As stated in our Trash/Recycle process. If an item is in question, please contact the office 772-464-4803.

Also please remember to use something other than a plastic bag to place your recycling in for pick up, we cannot put plastic bags in with the recycling.  That is a waste management rule and our staff and volunteers shouldn't have to separate the recyclables from the non-recyclables on a routine basis, it is simply too time consuming.

Thanks,  Donna Perez.      Ocean Resorts Co-Op, Inc.      772-464-4803

Gate Keypad

Good afternoon,

Everyone is reminded that the keypad was disabled and removed on the residents gate today, as such you can only gain access through that gate with a remote or FOB.  An email was sent to my blast email list and a hardcopy letter was mailed to each shareholder following the Board meeting (in which it was voted to remove the keypad) informing shareholders of the keypad removal.  If you are renting out your lot it is your responsibility to ensure your tenants have a device to enter the park.  We have had quite a few tenants arrive today that do not have a means to access the park initially so we have assisted them however that option will not be available once we leave for the day.  

Should tenants or residents arrive outside of normal business hours (M-F 8:00 am to 4:30 pm) and not have a remote or FOB the only way you/them will be able to have access the park will be to enter thru the vendor/guest gate nearest to the building, find your name in the callbox directory and call you from the callbox.  After you answer you will then have to buzz you/them in by pressing 9 on your phone and the gate will go up.  

There will be a note posted on the office door afterhours directing tenants that may have an issue getting in initially to contact the shareholder as there will not be anyone in the office to assist them. 

I would encourage anyone renting out your lot to either get a device to your tenant ahead of time or direct them to arrive during normal business hours.

Todd Holcomb, CAM, Ocean Resorts Manager


From Todd Holcomb, CAM, February, 2018

February 19, 2018

Dear Shareholders’,

I hope all is well with everyone.  I want to provide some information that was discussed and voted on at Thursday’s Board meeting.  The Board has voted to limit the gate FOBs to four (4) and remotes to two (2) per share (not shareholder).  No matter the number of owners on a share, the number of gate control devices is limited to the aforementioned number.  Anyone who has in excess of those numbers, please bring the excess devices back to the office and you will be refunded the cost that you paid for them.

If you have more than the allotted number of devices in the system and fail to come and have them removed from the system, all devices in the system under your name will be disabled on Friday, March 16, 2018.  This will allow approximately one month for everyone to have sufficient time to locate all their devices.  When the keypad is removed, the only way to enter through the residents’ gate will be by use of a FOB or Remote.  Once your devices are removed you will be required to come into the office to have your devices re-entered and activated beginning Friday, March 16, 2018.  If you have lost a device, please advise the office so that we may remove that particular number from the system.  This will require you to either provide us with all the devices you currently have, so we can verify the numbers, or you can note all your device numbers and contact the office for verification.

It is recommended that if you are unsure of the number of devices assigned to your name that you contact the office so we can check.  This will avoid unintentionally disabling your devices if you have more than allowed but you don’t know that they are in the system.  Believe it or not there are some shareholders that have more devices listed under their name than they were aware of and that they do not physically have.

Everyone is reminded that the keypad on the owners’ gate will be disabled on March 1, 2018.

That is all for now, should you have any questions please let us know.  Your cooperation is appreciated.


From Todd Holcomb, CAM, Thursday, Sept. 15

Good afternoon everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that the office has full connectivity once again.  We are still on the list for an ice delivery but as of right now we do not have any. The pool is still closed but will hopefully be all good to go tomorrow, if so Tim will open it up.

Coast to Coast has been in and around the park getting us cleaned up.  I spoke with Robert, one of the manager's at C2C, about the brown shrubs, plants, and trees and he said that the majority of them should rebound with no problem.  The brown was due to the salt spray generated by the hurricane and possible small tornadoes.  He said we may lose a few but all in all he didn't see anything alarming.  I also asked him about any of our trees that may have been hit by lightening and he said he did not see any evidence of any that had been struck.

There doesn't seem to be any real erosion at the beach, however I do not walk over there as much as you do so you may have a different view.

If you have any roof or siding damage please pay attention to the weather forecast, the weather app that I use-weatherbug- has a 30% chance of rain on Monday and Wednesday-Friday of next week.

There were some complaints about Camplink being offline, that is a separate entity and we have no control over that.  We did call just to verify that Comcast was required for it to work and it is, now that we have it in the office hopefully Camplink is back up and running.  If not you'll need to give them a call.

We only have two trees that need to be removed, we were extremely fortunate.

From Todd Holcomb, CAM, Thursday, Sept. 14; 12:30 PM

Good afternoon everyone,  unfortunately I do not have an update on COMCAST.  We are still logging on and off of my mini I-Pad hot spot and we still do not have phones or internet in the office.

We do have an update on FPL, after calling the outage line repeatedly and getting the standard voice mail that was virtually useless and going to the website and finding no amplifying information, Donna finally found an emergency line and called that and finally got to speak to someone about the severed line.  As it turns out FPL said we had power, we assured them we did not that we only had partial power and they logged a new ticket.  Thank you to those who stopped in and provided your conversation with any of the contractors you have came across.  I do not know where the glitch was nor could FPL explain how that happened but the live body that Donna was able to speak with said that it would be addressed.

We do have temporary pumps at the lift station but the seal on the main lift station pump has blown and we are working on getting it fixed.  We had a septic truck come and pump a load out.  With that being said please keep that in mind and try and restrict water and sewage usage as you can.

We have requested a load of ice for the freezer but unfortunately we haven't received it yet.  There is Ice at Cumberland farms and Publix.

The Pool is still closed in order for maintenance to ensure it is safe for re-entry and use.  Once it is clean and the chemicals are within acceptable limits we will open it back up.  Tim has anticipated that it should be able to be opened on Saturday, that of course is dependent on the chemicals being acceptable.

We have a few trees that need to be removed due to storm damage and we are on the list for post storm clean up with Coast to Coast.  I spoke with them this morning and they just haven't gotten to us yet but they will.  

The game room will be open around the clock until full power is restored for anyone who still doesn't have it to come and cool off and plug in your electronics.

From Todd Holcomb, CAM - Wednesday, Sept. 13; 2:01 PM

Good afternoon everyone, Not much new news to report.  I have been asked about flooding and to the best of my knowledge water levels did not reach a point where it entered homes and there were no reports of anyone flooding.  However I cannot say with 100% certainty there was not water intrusion in individual units.


We have followed up on the power and they are currently taking no phone calls and the only status updates we can get is from their website.  It currently shows "crews investigating".  There is a visible broken feeder line from the main power supply line to our overhead system, the fuse on that particular line has been removed as well.  The website has a reported time for all repairs in St. Lucie county to be completed by Sep 17.  What does that mean for those affected, I honestly don't know other than FPL is projecting for everything to be up by the aforementioned date.  

Comcast has told us that we were originally slated to have or services connected by 7pm on Sep 18 but they have updated that for us to have service by 7pm on Sep 15.  

Understand that both FPL and Comcast dates are projected based on priority and complexity of the issue that needs attention and this can be sooner than projected, which is my hope for both.The lift stations have been connected to generators and are operating as needed. We tried calling the Health Department to see if there is anyway that they could address the electrical issue with FPL and expedite our repairs, no answer and the message said the office were closed due to Hurricane recovery.

I called Commissioner Townsend's office, I did not get and answer but I did leave a voice mail about a couple of other items and included our continued power outage in part of the park.  Not sure if that will help in anyway or not but it can't hurt to mention it.  

Also should you be without power and are here and need to come up and cool off at the office please do, the game room is here and waiting should you need it.

That is all for now, I wish I had better news about the power and cable, phone and internet.

From our Board President, David Comolli

Good afternoon, just got off the phone with Ferdie Bruckler. He was driving around O.R. We have no power but everything looks pretty good. Skirting and small wind damage related problems.

Todd will try to access the park this afternoon. He will take pictures and attempt to send a blast to all shareholders. If he can not I will attempt to further communicate through the yahoo group site.*    David Comolli

* Pictures will also be posted on this website as they are available.  (Barb and Ray - Webmasters)

Update Monday 9/11/17 9:00 AM

Hurricane Irma is decreasing in intensity and moving rapidly across the western Florida peninsula. Our hurricane warnings have been dropped but replaced with a tropical storm warning.  Today will be a windy day for Indian River County but the winds will be subsiding as the morning progresses.  

We have had law enforcement and fire rescue crews out making a preliminary damage assessment and once the roads are cleared of debris and downed wires, we will evaluate issuing an All-Clear.

Nearly two-thirds of the county remains without power but power crews are already out working diligently to restore power. To report power outages:

  • City of Vero Beach customers call: 978-5000

  • FP&L customers call:  1-800-4-OUTAGE

  • We had 8-12” that resulted in areas of flooding.  There is only a small chance of additional rainfall from scattered showers today so the area will be drying up. Please do not let your children play in the water.

  • We were issued numerous tornado warnings and, fortunately, have had no confirmation of tornado touchdowns.  The threat for tornadoes has been significantly reduced.

  • You are urged to be patient and not wander outside until it has been determined safe to do so. Driving is hazardous.

  • If your home has sustained damage, please report to your homeowner’s insurance company as soon as possible.

If you have any remaining questions, please call our Hurricane Irma hotline at 226-3930.

St. Lucie County Information. 9/10/17 1:00 PM

Power Outages / Utilities  

Because of the amount of rain and power outages, utility customers are being asked to conserve water and limit the number of flushes to prevent any problems with an overload of the sewage systems.    

Florida, Power & Light is reporting 11,190 outages in St. Lucie County (9 percent of customers), while Fort Pierce Utilities Authority is reporting about 408 (1 percent of customers) in the city as of noon Sunday. FPL customers can track outages at; to report outages call 1-800-4OUTAGE (800-468-8343). FPUA customers can track outages at; to report outages call 772-466-7703. 

Traffic Update

Indian River Drive is closed from Citrus Bridge to Savannah Road in Fort Pierce. Access to Hutchinson Island (both North and South) has been closed to everyone. Residents will still be able to leave the island – in the event of an emergency, but will not be allowed re-entry until the storm passed. Brocksmith Road South in Fort Pierce has been closed due to a washout.

Crews from the county and cities have been out clearing drainage basins as much as possible; however, since the winds have picked up (around noon) Public Works crews have been pulled off the roads. All residents are urged to stay off the roads throughout the day as many roads are flooded or have standing water. Additionally traffic signals are starting to lose power. Road conditions will be updated throughout the day and posted to, as well as being shared on social media.  

Information Lines

St. Lucie County’s Emergency Operations Center is at a Level 1 (full) activation. Hurricane Irma press conferences/updates from St. Lucie County’s Emergency Operations Center will take place at 8 a.m., noon and 5 p.m. daily and will be streamed live to the county’s Facebook page:

St. Lucie County’s Information Hotline, 772-460-HELP (4357), is open and will remain open until further notice.  Residents are urged to call the HELP Line to report flooding and road closure, instead of 9-1-1 - unless residents are in immediate danger from flooding. 

Residents are also reminded to sign up for e-notifications Alert St. Lucie – Several messages were sent out by the State of Florida Division of Emergency Management to mobile devices this morning that were not part of Alert St. Lucie. 

Hurricane Irma Update. Sunday, 9/10/17 11:22 AM

This is an important message from ALERT Indian River

Hurricane Irma remains a Category 4 Hurricane and is crossing the Florida Keys this morning before reaching SW Florida later this afternoon/evening. Sustained Tropical Storm force winds are entering our area. 

Watches and Warnings for Indian River County:

  • Hurricane Warning
  • Flood Watch until September 11, 8:00 p.m.
  • Flood Warning until September 10, 12.45 p.m.
  • Tornado Watch

Widespread rainfall will continue across the area this morning, with some passing squalls producing frequent gusts up to 45-60 50 mph. The threat for additional flooding and isolated tornadoes will persist.      

Indian River County Impacts:

  • We can expect sustained or frequent gusts up to 45 to 60 mph. Some gusts can be as high as 75 mph with passing squalls. 
  • The threat of flooding has become extreme for Indian River.  We are under a flood watch and rainfall potential is high. 8-12, 15-18” isolated.
  • There is a potential for 3' of storm surge along the immediate coast and especially adjacent to inlets and rivers exposed to the Indian River.

Indian River County Actions:

  • Evacuations have already taken place and over 1,000 evacuees in public shelters.
  • For safety reasons, bridges to the barrier island will be closed at 12:00 p.m. today.  We will reopen the bridges as soon as winds are below tropical storm force and they are considered safe for travel.



North Beach Association News

•  5050 A1A  (The cement "house" under construction across from Bryn Mawr) - a resolution later this month by the County Commissioners, will put a time limit for permits and permits will be required for the entire project - not piecemeal, like this owner has been doing.
•  Radisson - Mr. Heaton, who pulled out of the Hotel/Condo Development at the Radison location,  has just been charged with fraud in conjunction with the selling of units at his Vero Beach Hotel.  So far, Tarpon Springs (another Heaton project) seems to be going well.
•  RV Parking at Pepper Park is hopefully being moved to the West Side of A1A. The Parks Department has approved it so more parking spaces on the East Side will be available. The Commissioners may also have to approve.
•  Pepper Park Fishing - pilings have started; waiting for a Grant applied for to finish the project.
•  Citizens on Patrol (COP) - need people to travel through North Beach 2 hours per week.  (8 hour training program).
•  Bridge - now it is rumored that it won't start until 2021.

Submitted by Betty Brousseau