North Beach Association News

•  5050 A1A  (The cement "house" under construction across from Bryn Mawr) - a resolution later this month by the County Commissioners, will put a time limit for permits and permits will be required for the entire project - not piecemeal, like this owner has been doing.
•  Radisson - Mr. Heaton, who pulled out of the Hotel/Condo Development at the Radison location,  has just been charged with fraud in conjunction with the selling of units at his Vero Beach Hotel.  So far, Tarpon Springs (another Heaton project) seems to be going well.
•  RV Parking at Pepper Park is hopefully being moved to the West Side of A1A. The Parks Department has approved it so more parking spaces on the East Side will be available. The Commissioners may also have to approve.
•  Pepper Park Fishing - pilings have started; waiting for a Grant applied for to finish the project.
•  Citizens on Patrol (COP) - need people to travel through North Beach 2 hours per week.  (8 hour training program).
•  Bridge - now it is rumored that it won't start until 2021.

Submitted by Betty Brousseau