From Todd Holcomb, CAM - Wednesday, Sept. 13; 2:01 PM

Good afternoon everyone, Not much new news to report.  I have been asked about flooding and to the best of my knowledge water levels did not reach a point where it entered homes and there were no reports of anyone flooding.  However I cannot say with 100% certainty there was not water intrusion in individual units.


We have followed up on the power and they are currently taking no phone calls and the only status updates we can get is from their website.  It currently shows "crews investigating".  There is a visible broken feeder line from the main power supply line to our overhead system, the fuse on that particular line has been removed as well.  The website has a reported time for all repairs in St. Lucie county to be completed by Sep 17.  What does that mean for those affected, I honestly don't know other than FPL is projecting for everything to be up by the aforementioned date.  

Comcast has told us that we were originally slated to have or services connected by 7pm on Sep 18 but they have updated that for us to have service by 7pm on Sep 15.  

Understand that both FPL and Comcast dates are projected based on priority and complexity of the issue that needs attention and this can be sooner than projected, which is my hope for both.The lift stations have been connected to generators and are operating as needed. We tried calling the Health Department to see if there is anyway that they could address the electrical issue with FPL and expedite our repairs, no answer and the message said the office were closed due to Hurricane recovery.

I called Commissioner Townsend's office, I did not get and answer but I did leave a voice mail about a couple of other items and included our continued power outage in part of the park.  Not sure if that will help in anyway or not but it can't hurt to mention it.  

Also should you be without power and are here and need to come up and cool off at the office please do, the game room is here and waiting should you need it.

That is all for now, I wish I had better news about the power and cable, phone and internet.