From Todd Holcomb, CAM, Thursday, Sept. 14; 12:30 PM

Good afternoon everyone,  unfortunately I do not have an update on COMCAST.  We are still logging on and off of my mini I-Pad hot spot and we still do not have phones or internet in the office.

We do have an update on FPL, after calling the outage line repeatedly and getting the standard voice mail that was virtually useless and going to the website and finding no amplifying information, Donna finally found an emergency line and called that and finally got to speak to someone about the severed line.  As it turns out FPL said we had power, we assured them we did not that we only had partial power and they logged a new ticket.  Thank you to those who stopped in and provided your conversation with any of the contractors you have came across.  I do not know where the glitch was nor could FPL explain how that happened but the live body that Donna was able to speak with said that it would be addressed.

We do have temporary pumps at the lift station but the seal on the main lift station pump has blown and we are working on getting it fixed.  We had a septic truck come and pump a load out.  With that being said please keep that in mind and try and restrict water and sewage usage as you can.

We have requested a load of ice for the freezer but unfortunately we haven't received it yet.  There is Ice at Cumberland farms and Publix.

The Pool is still closed in order for maintenance to ensure it is safe for re-entry and use.  Once it is clean and the chemicals are within acceptable limits we will open it back up.  Tim has anticipated that it should be able to be opened on Saturday, that of course is dependent on the chemicals being acceptable.

We have a few trees that need to be removed due to storm damage and we are on the list for post storm clean up with Coast to Coast.  I spoke with them this morning and they just haven't gotten to us yet but they will.  

The game room will be open around the clock until full power is restored for anyone who still doesn't have it to come and cool off and plug in your electronics.