From Todd Holcomb, CAM, Thursday, Sept. 15

Good afternoon everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that the office has full connectivity once again.  We are still on the list for an ice delivery but as of right now we do not have any. The pool is still closed but will hopefully be all good to go tomorrow, if so Tim will open it up.

Coast to Coast has been in and around the park getting us cleaned up.  I spoke with Robert, one of the manager's at C2C, about the brown shrubs, plants, and trees and he said that the majority of them should rebound with no problem.  The brown was due to the salt spray generated by the hurricane and possible small tornadoes.  He said we may lose a few but all in all he didn't see anything alarming.  I also asked him about any of our trees that may have been hit by lightening and he said he did not see any evidence of any that had been struck.

There doesn't seem to be any real erosion at the beach, however I do not walk over there as much as you do so you may have a different view.

If you have any roof or siding damage please pay attention to the weather forecast, the weather app that I use-weatherbug- has a 30% chance of rain on Monday and Wednesday-Friday of next week.

There were some complaints about Camplink being offline, that is a separate entity and we have no control over that.  We did call just to verify that Comcast was required for it to work and it is, now that we have it in the office hopefully Camplink is back up and running.  If not you'll need to give them a call.

We only have two trees that need to be removed, we were extremely fortunate.