Gate Keypad

Good afternoon,

Everyone is reminded that the keypad was disabled and removed on the residents gate today, as such you can only gain access through that gate with a remote or FOB.  An email was sent to my blast email list and a hardcopy letter was mailed to each shareholder following the Board meeting (in which it was voted to remove the keypad) informing shareholders of the keypad removal.  If you are renting out your lot it is your responsibility to ensure your tenants have a device to enter the park.  We have had quite a few tenants arrive today that do not have a means to access the park initially so we have assisted them however that option will not be available once we leave for the day.  

Should tenants or residents arrive outside of normal business hours (M-F 8:00 am to 4:30 pm) and not have a remote or FOB the only way you/them will be able to have access the park will be to enter thru the vendor/guest gate nearest to the building, find your name in the callbox directory and call you from the callbox.  After you answer you will then have to buzz you/them in by pressing 9 on your phone and the gate will go up.  

There will be a note posted on the office door afterhours directing tenants that may have an issue getting in initially to contact the shareholder as there will not be anyone in the office to assist them. 

I would encourage anyone renting out your lot to either get a device to your tenant ahead of time or direct them to arrive during normal business hours.

Todd Holcomb, CAM, Ocean Resorts Manager