Bocce Courts - BOCCE COURTS are maintained for the use of all residents and their guests and are not to be used during quiet hours (10 PM – 7 AM). Bocce equipment is available for use (located in the rubbermaid container between the courts).


Clubhouse (Rec Hall) - The REC HALL is available to all residents, year-round, normally from 8 AM until 10 PM. It has a kitchen, large refrigerator and a supply of tables and chairs. It is used for many kinds of group activities. There is also a large PAVILION nearby. Scheduling for Rec Hall or pavilion use is done through the Ocean Resorts office. A reservation form is required.


Comfort Stations and Laundry - There are three (3) COMFORT STATIONS AND LAUNDRY buildings in Ocean Resorts, each equipped with hot water, men’s and women’s rest rooms and showers, and coin-operated clothes washers and dryers. These facilities are available for the use of all residents and shall normally be in operation twenty-four (24) hours a day during the busy season. During off-season some facilities may be closed if necessary for maintenance.


Game Room - The GAME ROOM shares the building with the management offices and houses 2 pool tables, card tables, coffee-making capability, a rest room, and an ice chest with bagged ice for sale. Keep in mind that this building houses our business office 8:00AM to 4:30PM.

Marina - The MARINA committee will administer operation of the marina. The marina is for the use of the residents. The marina is in operation (24) twenty-four hours a day but there will be no launching or retrieving of boats at quiet hours 10 PM – 7 AM. Persons interested in using the marina shall receive, read and sign at the office and agree to abide by marina rules.

Marina Rules

 Kayak and Paddleboard Rules

Post Office - A POST OFFICE building is owned and maintained by Ocean Resorts primarily for the US Postal Service to deliver mail to Ocean Resorts residents. The building also houses intra-park mailboxes, a lost/found box, sign-up clipboards, a lending library, and several bulletin boards, inside and out.  Locked outside bulletin boards to the right of the entrance door are used for official Co-op notices (board meeting agendas, etc.).           This facility shall be open twenty-four (24) hours a day. There is an external green blinking light that is activated when mail has been delivered and remains lighted for about two hours.

Shuffleboard - SHUFFLEBOARD COURTS are maintained for the use of all residents and their guests and may not be used during quiet hours (10 PM – 7 AM).  Shuffleboard equipment is available for use (hanging in the area of the shuffleboards).

Swimming Pool - The SWIMMING POOL will normally be open daily from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM with water temperature maintained between 81 and 84 degree F. The pool may be closed for unsafe chlorine levels or necessary repairs. When it is closed, the gate will be locked. Absolutely no glass containers may be brought into the pool area.

Bathing load – 96 persons – limited to residents and their guests


Tennis Courts - The TENNIS COURTS are normally available for play from 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM daily.  All residents and their guests may use the courts. Court time is scheduled using a daily sign-up sheet, which is posted on the bulletin board at the courts.  During the off-season, when no sheets are posted, courts are available on a first- come-first-served basis. Tournaments and organized tennis are pre-scheduled and posted on the sign-up sheets.            

A Horseshoe Court is located just north of the tennis courts, not to be used during Quiet Hours (10 PM – 7 AM).