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Donna Perez - Manager (see pic and bio below)

Luann O'Connor - Administrative Assistant

Maria Gomez - Administrative Assistant



(772) 466-6831

Scott Derr

Yeprem Davidian  

Community Association Manager:


(Taken from the March 2018 issue of Ocean Resorts Island Times, Written by Bill Howe)

Donna is a lifelong resident of Florida currently living in Port St. Lucie with her husband and three daughters aged 17-21. Prior to her employment at Ocean Resorts she went into child development; however her heart’s desire was to work in the private sector, preferably management. She began working at the Publix Markets over 20 years ago and retired after 20 years with Publix as a store manager. Often times, spending more than 70 hours a week with the market, she felt she needed to spend more time with her family. Two months after retirement she came to work in the office of OR, greatly preferring the regular working hours. Donna calls OR a “happy place” to work and feels that much has been accomplished since she arrived. Problem solving is one of her strongest assets saying that “every day is a new day”, believing it important to leave work issues at work and home issues at home.