Library Committee

Chairperson:  Cathy Moon


The O.R. library is located in our post office building, on the south side. It features an ever-changing collection of hardcover books and paperbacks (both fiction and non-fiction), which are available for loan at any time. Stop in and browse, and borrow any that catch your eye. You may keep them as long as you wish, but we ask that you return them to the black “book return” box on the back counter. The library committee is happy to shelve them.

A recent addition is our Large Print section, thanks primarily to Ted Wojack, who frequents the Lakewood Park branch library and has secured several boxes of donated books for us, most of them Large Print. Our aging eyes really appreciate the new addition. These shelves span the front (northeast side) of the building.

We also have an assortment of magazines and puzzles, as well as some “discarded” books (on the front table). Stop in and help yourself.