The following committees have regularly scheduled meetings with active member lists.

Activities Committee - Chairperson:  Ida Smith

The Activities Committee is composed of approximately 25 members. It was first organized in 1994 and started out by having a Hot Dog/Hamburger Roast a the Pavilion. Sine then, many fundraising events have been sponsored by the Activities Committee, such as Bake Sales, Fashion Shows (using our own models), Pampered Chef and Tupperware parties, and the sale of T-Shirts, hats, beach bags, vanity plates, etc. The Ocean Resorts Telephone Directory is also a fundraiser and is published by the committee. The Activities Committee appreciates the participation in our programs and events by our residents, guests and visitors. New members are always welcome to join our committee.

Beautification Committee - Chairperson: Mary Dunbro

The Beautification Committee was established to enhance the overall appearance of the Ocean Resorts community. The purpose of this committee is to suggest, recommend, and implement projects in the common areas of the park, in order to ensure that Ocean Resorts will remain an attractive residential community.

Membership is open to all shareholders and rental residents of Ocean Resorts. Notice of meeting times and places are posted on all bulletin boards.

Bocce Committee - Chairperson: Jean Lockerby

This section is under construction.

Building and Grounds Committee - Chairperson:  Pat Broderick

The Building and Grounds Committee is composed of a maximum of 7 shareholders that meet regularly to discuss different situations/problems that have been assigned us by the Board of Directors. These items deal with Ocean Resorts buildings and grounds. As part of that, we research solutions and solicit input from fellow owners and others. Some examples are security gates, pool heaters and coolers, lifts at the clubhouse and road repair. All shareholders are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings,

Game Room Committee - Chairperson: John DiStefano

The Game Room is used for Pool Tournaments, and also for Playing Pool just for Fun.  The Game Room is also used for Card Playing, and other Table Games. The Rules and Regulations are also Posted in the Gameroom.    And don’t forget, there is a new freezer holding $2 bags of ice that OR residents and guests can purchase on an honor system.

Marina Committee - Chairperson:  Ferdie Bruckler

This section is under construction.

Peninsula Committee - Chairperson:  Joe May

The Peninsula Committee is kind of a new kid on the block. It's an extension of the Ocean Resorts 15 year old land assets Committee. The opinion of most shareholders in 2001/2002 was that property west of the 400 lots was SWAMP - NO MAN'S LAND ! Thanks to dozens of fellow shareholders, our ownership of 100 acres has been confirmed.

2017 started with a meeting of the minds between St Lucie County government and Ocean Resorts Board & Office . Seven plus Peninsula Committee members will hit the ground running come this fall. Thanks again to all !!!

Social Events Committee - Chairperson:  Cathy Bruckler

This section is under construction.

Swimming Pool Committee - Chairperson:  Susan Ertel

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! Before you know it, we will be back down in OR enjoying our fantastic pool. When I arrive at the end of October, I will be hanging a sign-up sheet in the post office for those who are able to help cover the pool as the temperatures start to drop in the evenings. We need someone to sign up for each day of the week, along with subs. It takes 2 people to do it. I will be happy to train the newbies. It only has to be covered when the temperature drops below 65, so there are many nights it does not need to be done.  Remember, in order to continue to enjoy the warm pool temperature as fall and winter approach, we need as many volunteers as possible.

Tennis Committee - Chairperson:  John Stampfli

The Tennis Committee works to make tennis available to everybody who wants to play - and to make it FUN!. During the Season, we offer scheduled morning doubles play (all levels welcome), weekly clinics, and occasional mini-tournaments on Sunday afternoons and some evenings. There is also open, informal round robin tennis at 5:00 every afternoon (all year, 7 days a week). We have 3 tournaments (all levels welcome), and there are privately-administered afternoon groups scheduled - something for everybody!

SPECIAL COMMITTEES - The following committees/chairpersons assist in special events and/or responsibilities:

Clubhouse Committee - Mary Dunbro

Elections Committee - Mary Dunbro and Sandra Wilson

Library Committee - Cathy Moon

Newsletter Committee - Ray Zwart and Barb Goodman

Office Support Committee - Claudia Woodhouse

Trash and Recycling Committee - Joe Harding

Website Committee -Ray Zwart and Barbara Goodman